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Project Name

AT&T DIRECTV new user

Project Details

Build once and use often was leveraged by using AEM components and templates to build 14 eSupport web pages with effective, modular, and relevant content. The creation and deployment of these pages were accomplished during Phase 1 and Phase 2 efforts that started in 2016 and ended in Q3 2017.

Speed is leveraged each time we build an eSupport AEM page. Currently innovating eSupport AEM design processes by initiating and participating a taskforce, collaborating across disciplines (between Shop & eSupport), to understand, adopt and build processes to leverage upper funnel components in eSupport. Meanwhile, meetings are facilitated by a sustainment Producer in an effort to keep eSupport components & templates in lock step with Shop /upper funnel. Raising awareness to Leadership and working towards a solution to eliminate duplicative work efforts and decrease costs.

  • Metrics

    Content Implementation decreased the time to build pages by 63% via AEM.

  • Scope

    Wire Framing

    Visual Comps

    UI Pattern

    Design Guideline definition

    Assets & Redlines

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